When the looting starts, the shooting startsWalter Headley, Miami Police Chief, 1967
When the looting starts, the shooting starts – Person Living in the White House, 2020

The sun wasn’t up yet when I let my dogs out this morning. One of my dogs, racing out of the door, accidentally stepped on a lightening bug. It wasn’t quite dead and a glow pulsed weakly from its body. Just an average lightening bug, heading home after a hard night of surviving. And then, with no fanfare, a tiny death. From out of nowhere, an unseen and uncaring force drove it into oblivion.

I am starting to suspect that the entirety of humanity shares commonalities with that bug, as 2020 crushes us beneath a casual heel. That is, unless we choose not to be crushed.

It’s difficult to rail against COVID-19. No matter your opinion on governmental response, at the end of the day, an illness from the natural world doesn’t have an agenda. Hence, it’s lunacy for us to hold a grudge. This is especially true when we are now surrounded by new – and more deliberately created – tragedies.

With the murders of Breonna Taylor on March 13 and George Floyd on May 25, our society has seemingly and suddenly decided to run in reverse. These deaths were easily preventable and suggest that America is not as enlightened as we have wanted to believe. These murders were the result of carelessness, malice and a splintered system – again, easily preventable things.

And the people are angry. The populace has gathered to say: No. No, you cannot slaughter us in our beds. No, you cannot kill us on city sidewalks and go free. Someone must answer to this and guarantee that advancements will be made.

And someone did answer. Someone answered using the exact words of a backward person of authority from a horrifying page in America’s history. That someone, fanning the flames of unrest, has suggested that “people arrested at the protests should serve 10-year prison sentences” (MSN.com). That same person threatened the already hurt and angry people with “vicious dogs and ominous weapons” (NYTimes.com).

Out of frustration and fear, some of the protesters lost their heads. What must be remembered is that burning buildings and shattering glass will not return our lost ones. What’s more, that hatred and energy is being directed the wrong way. The small business owners, their life savings and blood invested, are not to blame, but the repercussions will be theirs to shoulder indefinitely.

It is time for us to talk. It is time for us to tear our fingers from the teargas canisters and Molotov cocktails and soberly and rationally converse. And yes, it is time for our government to punish the guilty at the heart of this. We need justice, calm guidance and a guarantee that our leaders will protect us from wanton and appearingly sanctioned violence. When we rebuild our cities, we must also rebuild America so that the dream we wanted becomes the reality.

We are just like you at Bourke Accounting; we, too, are watching the nightly news in horror and dismay. And just like you, we at Bourke Accounting are shaking our heads, asking, “What happened?” If you watched your life’s work disappear in flames, Bourke Accounting can help you to reclaim your passion. At the end of it, we must remember that we’re all connected, we all matter and now is the time to extend our hands to heal and to help.

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Written by Sue H.