As I’ve said numerous times, Bourke Accounting denizens try to keep healthy. Whether it’s taking a morning multi-vitamin or drinking plenty of water, we want to feel and look good. We’re not attempting to cheat Death, we only want to roll out of bed – without body parts screaming in protest.

Bourke Accounting workers don’t really subscribe to esoteric practices; we generally land on the boring side of the wellness spectrum. However, some of you out there are using home remedies that are anything but boring:

1) Kratom. Note: I’m a liar. I use kratom. Kratom is an herbal extract that “comes from the leaves of an evergreen tree” ( and is available in pill or powdered form. It’s used for pain relief, anxiety and as a mild mood elevator. I have difficult lady times and have found that a teaspoon of kratom in a cup of Green Apple Gatorade affords me hours of relief. There are a few drawbacks to using this, of course. First, the powdered form is hard to completely dissolve, so you end up drinking something akin to wet sand. Second, if you use too much, it will make you jittery. The Mayo Clinic also points out that, since kratom isn’t regulated, there is a chance that it could be “contaminated with salmonella bacteria.” Finally, because some people are incapable of reading instructions, poison control centers have documented 1,800 reports centered around the use of kratom between 2011 and 2017 (

2) Essential Oils. A lot of people use oil diffusors around their homes for aromatherapy purposes. Hey, lavender smells nice! However, some people are applying these oils directly to the skin and even swallowing them. If it is diluted enough, small studies have shown that dabbing oils like peppermint to the forehead can relieve headaches ( However, if not properly handled, these oils can burn the skin and ingestion of oils is almost never recommended. In a scary trend, some parents are foregoing antibiotics in favor of oils to treat their children’s illnesses ( While using aromatherapy may lead to reduced levels of stress, a parent shouldn’t expect basil oil to cure their kid’s cancer. I have personally read horror stories on of parents replacing their epileptic offspring’s seizure medication with Eucalyptus oil and wondering why authorities would like to have a word.

3) Urine Therapy. Uh, yeah. This. Since ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, “drinking or the local application of human…urine for medicinal purposes has been practiced all over the world” ( People who believe in pee claim that it cures acne, whitens teeth, protects against infections and even fights cancer ( Kayleigh Oakley, a British Youtuber, says that, since she’s started practicing Urine Therapy, she’s no longer in pain, her skin has cleared up and she has a lot more energy ( Doctors are less than excited. As it turns out, urine isn’t really sterile and “modern research has found virtually no benefit” ( in chugging pee pee. And, urine left outside of the body develops bacteria, so rubbing it on yourself invites a slew of infections (

I have no problem with people trying new remedies for age-old illnesses. However, I think we must keep certain things in perspective and do proper research before trying radical new regiments (and by “research,” I don’t mean following the advice of CaptainSparklePants223 on Facebook).

Bourke Accounting professionals are very openminded. Your Bourke Accounting bookkeepers and tax preparers want you to live the best life you can, even if it involves urine. However, if you do espouse some of the more exotic medical practices, please make use of our strategically placed bowls of mints. There’s no judgement at Bourke Accounting, but fresh breath is a gift to everyone!

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Written by Sue H.