I have received my stimulus payment. Yes, I got that “big fat beautiful check” with someone’s name on it (actually, it was direct deposited). Even though I feel guilty about receiving money when so many are out of work, I’m not as altruistic as I’d like. Instead of donating it, I am saving it for rainier days. I think I misunderstood the point of my stimulus check.

Since I had already received the payment, imagine my surprise when I also received a letter from the commander in chief himself! Strange, though, the envelope proclaimed that it was from the Internal Revenue Service…oh! The IRS was probably just doing the president a favor, right? But, wait, that’s kind of bizarre as the IRS is supposed to be nonpartisan. Wouldn’t a letter from a president, with an IRS envelope sort of be at odds with that stance?

Now here’s just one more weird thing: the notice on the envelope says that both postage and fees were paid for by the IRS (Click2houston.com). This is just getting a little too tangled for my poor little taxpayer mind to unravel. All right, but let’s do the math here:

.55 (First Class Postage) + .09 (Per #10 Envelope) X A Whole Lotta People = Nearly $42 Million (NBCnews.com)

So. The IRS spent about $42 million dollars (of our money) for a “Buck up, Lil’ Camper/I’m Just Gonna Pat Myself on the Back Here!” note provided by another party. I see. Wait, I’m not being completely fair here. Part of the CARES Act legislation does require that a notice be sent to each eligible taxpayer regarding the amount that they can expect (this letter came about four days after most of us had received payment) and a handy number to call if the taxpayer needs more information (like if the payment was incorrect).

I called the number. After three different menu options – each one encouraging me to visit IRS.gov to see Frequently Asked Questions – I completed the Circle of Life and ended up right back in the main menu. Sadly, I was given no option to speak with a carbon-based lifeform.

There have been economic stimulus programs before, of course. In 2008, George W. Bush “gave” individuals about $600 each. I don’t seem to remember seeing his name in the memo line of my check or getting an IRS notice with his signature on it. Oh, right, because neither of those things happened. These Corona checks mark “the first time in history that a president’s name appeared on disbursements from the IRS” (Thehill.com). Well, that’s just freaky deaky, don’t you think?

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, these stimulus payments are going to cost us. Whether it’s next year or the year after, ain’t nuthin’s for free. Batten down the hatches, fam, we’re in for a wild ride.

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Written by Sue H.