My co-workers at Bourke Accounting like plants. Bookkeepers Christina and Mary have brightly colored flowering things on their desks (I have no idea what they are). It’s weird, but most Bourke Accounting professionals tend to some sort of garden or window box at their homes. We’re not talking about New York Botanical Garden set-ups, but my colleagues like to grow things.

It seemed like an odd coincidence that the majority of Bourke Accounting workers enjoy playing in the dirt. So, I started wondering if there was a correlation between my co-workers’ occupations and their love for gardening. Is this their meticulous nature made tangible? Is this just a matter of gratification upon watching Invasion of The Body Snatchers sorts of plants flower from tiny seeds?

Or is there something more at play here?

Turns out, there is something definitely more at play here.

Researchers have isolated a bacterium in dirt, Mycobacterium Vaccae, that might “enable a ‘stress vaccine’ to exist” ( someday. The bacterium, which is thought to “regulate our immune system and suppress inappropriate inflammation” ( is believed to have been common in our ancestors. However, since humans have gradually moved away from agricultural activities in favor of office work, we seem to be missing this certain something (

Scientists have found evidence that “breathing in, playing in and digging in dirt” ( is good for us. For example, a study on Bavarian kids who helped farm and take care of animals were shown to have better immune systems and “lower rates of asthma and allergies” ( than their non-farmish counterparts. In addition, when testing on rats with M. Vaccae, scientists have discovered that the treated rats performed better in maze tests and were in better moods (no, I don’t know how one would judge a rat’s mood) (

During my rebellious years, my grandfather visited for two weeks every summer. He would wake me up at 6 AM to pick blueberries, plant flowers and weed. No matter how sullen or tired I was, by the end of these marathon gardening sessions, I always felt great. Yes, it was cool to spend time with my grandfather, but there was also something special about getting dirt underneath my fingernails and clocking the progress of the flowers we were growing. I always thought I felt good because I got off my lazy butt and helped to create something beautiful and alive; now I wonder how much M. Vaccae had to do with my good feelings.

In an increasingly plastic world filled with plastic things, I believe we should spend some time playing in the dirt. While taking care of fragile and lovely things, breathing in fresh air and communing with nature, we might be taking care of ourselves, too. Oh, nooooo, my hippie is showing again.

Your Bourke Accounting bookkeeper and tax preparer can give you gardening tips. And, just like our Bourke Accounting experts can help your garden grow, they can also help your financial future blossom (cheesy, but it had to be done). A Bourke Accounting pro has the knowledge, strength and sensitivity to walk with you through every step and help you through the rough patches.

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Written by Sue H.