Stimulus Check? More like Stimufuss Check. All right, all right, that was lame. Okay, what about: Stimulus Check? More like StimuNotForUs Check. That was even worse. I’m going to stop trying. But. I do have a point:

There are many problems with the Coronavirus Economic Impact Payments.

This week, a lot of us received our stimulus payment. Please don’t think I’m ungrateful that the government is giving me (my own) money. It was nice to see that “big, fat beautiful check” in my checking account. However, there are a lot of people out there who, so far, have not been as lucky.

For example, the IRS’ Get My Payment tool doesn’t seem to be working quite right. Many taxpayers are noticing that they can’t update incorrect bank account information ( Some who were actually able to update account information have been met with a lovely little message that informs them that their “payment status is not available” ( Finally, people have been “locked out of the system completely” ( and they can’t find out why. But why can’t they find out why? Surely there are customer service representatives at the Internal Revenue Service waiting patiently to help taxpayers, right?

No. No, not at all.

If you were to go to the IRS’ website and click on the “Coronavirus Tax Relief Economic Impact Payments,” one of the first things you will find is this stark advisory: Do Not Call. So, no, there are no patiently waiting representatives willing to help you. However, don’t you worry your little taxpaying head about this! Luis Garcia, IRS spokesperson says the problems “should be fixed now” (

Besides computer issues, a lot of people who use strip mall tax preparers are finding that, since they “received an advance on their tax refund or had the fee for tax preparation taken out of their tax refund” (, they are going to have to wait for a paper check. This is because the IRS claims that they don’t have these accounts on file. Of course, because someone had to put his name on every check, a lot of these people are going to have to wait even longer for their relief payment. But that someone’s name in the memo line makes it all worth it, right?

And finally, some people aren’t getting credit for their under 16-year-old children and some aren’t getting credit for spouses ( However, on a good note, lots and lots of dead folks are getting their checks (, so it really balances out.

I understand what a vast undertaking the distribution of these checks amounts to, I really do. However, it seems to me that, perhaps, this whole thing should have been thought out a lot better.

Unfortunately, Bourke Accounting can’t make your Stimulus check come any quicker. If your Bourke Accounting bookkeeper and tax preparer could hold up the IRS and make them correct your bank account information, they would. However, if something goes sideways with your Corona check, your Bourke Accounting expert will make darn sure that you get credit on your 2020 return. Cold comfort, but comfort nonetheless.

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Written by Sue H.