Life has gotten very odd. At Bourke Accounting, people can’t stop to chat when dropping off their paperwork. Smiles are hidden behind masks and there are no more handshakes; everyone seems to be sizing each other up as potential harbingers of plague. However, there is a certain – albeit physically distant – solidarity because we have no choice but to walk the same road together.

The Cooties have changed human life, that much is obviously evident. Besides some of us not being able to work and all of us not being able to enjoy a nice rum and Coke at the bar, there are other changes that I hadn’t even thought about. Also, I wonder what sort of lasting effects we will experience as a result.

So, I present to you a few alterations to our world:

1) Our rats are losing their rat minds. Because most cities have implemented some sort of lockdown procedure, there is not as much sweet, sweet garbage in the streets. When I lived in Brooklyn, the sidewalks looked as though a midnight food fight had occurred; people walking by donated their half-eaten hot dogs and bagels to the concrete. Now that so many businesses have been shuttered and people are staying indoors, the rats are starving. These rats are now fighting, to the death, amongst themselves and eating their young ( Mayor LaToya Cantrell of New Orleans warned that this puts her city’s homeless population at an even greater risk ( Um. Anyone remember the movie Willard?

2) Greetings and Goodbyes. I have a friend who wonders if Corona is going to lead to the death of the handshake. Personally, I’m all right with this – there is nothing worse than receiving the squishy, dead fish handshake of a person you’re only required to spend five minutes with. However, my common sense is at war with my early training – not shaking hands is going against my father’s teachings! I refuse to attempt the elbow bump, as I have terrible depth perception and would either miss completely or elbow an elderly man in the face. And our “goodbyes” have become even worse. Instead of saying, “Have a good day,” it’s become “Stay Safe.” I know the Danse Macabre unites us all, but can we please at least go back to “Take care”?

3) Our environment. It’s probably not surprising that, with everyone staying put, there are already “huge reductions in air pollution” ( In China alone, since lockdown, there has been a “drop in carbon emissions of an estimated 25 percent” ( While I realize that our air is going to return to its dismal state once we get back to our abnormal normal, I think this is a learning lesson. Perhaps we ought to really re-think what our routine actions do to the Earth and figure out sustainable ways in which to protect our Home Planet.

We are in the midst of a strange trip. It’s awful and tragic. However, I think this is also a time to put our priorities in order and figure out how we can better ourselves, our wildlife and our world. I believe we are learning what really matters right now.

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Written by Sue H.