Average football player salary = $2.1 million per year
Average teacher salary = $39,249 per year

My ma used to be a receptionist (much like your Bourke Accounting narrator), but, as she had always wanted to be a teacher, she earned her degree. When I say that she was good, she was really good. I was envious of her high school students; her projects were creative, she was firm, but fair and she enjoyed her job.

Then, things changed. My ma was no longer able to fail kids who didn’t do the work; she was no longer able to create her own lesson plans. If a kid acted up, there were no repercussions – even if the kid was threatening. Her principal always sided with the parents, especially if they screamed “lawsuit” loud enough. My mom could have taught well for another decade, but she said, “life’s too short” and retired.

Sadly, my mom is not the only teacher chased out of the profession. Thebestschools.org reports that about “one third of teachers quit teaching within three years; around half quit within five years.” So, what seems to be the problem here? As we know, pay has always been an issue for teachers. However, it seems that the problem has gotten worse. For example, “the average pay rate for teachers has actually decreased since 2000 – in some states…by 17 percent” (Swingeducation.com).

A certain governor wanted to cut teacher pensions, implying that educators weren’t very important. However, when teachers went on strike, governor man painted a horrid picture of what most likely befell the children on account of missing teachers. Wait. Teachers keep the wolves at bay, but they’re not worthy of a living wage or retirement? I can’t blame new graduates for not seeking out teaching posts.

Another problem plaguing teachers is unruly kids combined with no disciplinary recourse. Cinque Henderson, former educator and author of Sit Down and Shut Up: How Discipline Can Set Students Free, relates how he was no longer able to send children to the office for bad behavior. Mr. Henderson was reprimanded by his principal when he tried because, “sending students to the office takes away the student’s autonomy” (NYPost.com). Instead, disorderly kids were given the option to “decide when they want[ed] to take a break” (NYPost.com). I hate to say that the inmates are running the asylum, but…

I am not saying parents are bad. I’m not saying kids are bad. I am saying that teachers are responsible for preparing children for the next step in life and should be respected for that. I’m saying that teachers, besides caregivers, are the most influential people to children. Why don’t we start appreciating them like we mean it?

Bourke Accounting specialists love teachers. They know that you guys are teaching their kids not only to read, but that it’s not nice to rub boogers on each other. Just as you are the best at what you do, your Bourke Accounting pros are the best at what they do. Teacher or non-teacher, your Bourke Accounting expert wants to provide you with the best and most accurate service.

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Written by Sue H.