Bourke Accounting tax preparers and bookkeepers keep up with the latest tax laws and continuing education. Yes, yes, yes, I’m aware that I’ve told you that many times. However, the further training of Bourke Accounting’s employees doesn’t just apply to management. No, ma’am and no, sir. Bourke Accounting extends the opportunity to all employees to better themselves.

So, last Thursday, I was sent to a 6-hour seminar focused on Social Media. This was important to me because, while I didn’t believe that I was behind the times, I wasn’t exactly walking hand-in-hand with the times.

Enter Raechelle Rae Johnson. Ms. Johnson is the proprietor of Kreative Ink, LLC and an educator for Fred Pryor Seminars. She has blue hair and a laugh that seems to originate from somewhere around the soles of her feet. Ms. Johnson is a Solution Architect. Eh, what’s that title mean again?

A solution architect is “responsible for the design of one or more applications or services within an organization” ( Care for a simpler definition? These folks figure out why you’re not getting business and give you the tools to do something about it. For example, Ms. Johnson started Kreative Ink, LLC in 1999 as a graphic designer and as a side project. She had experienced a change in her domestic life and wanted extra money to keep her child in a good school (conversation, 3/2/20). Because there were a lot of graphic designers out there and she wasn’t interested in solely designing logos, Ms. Johnson changed her emphasis to “visual communication” (conversation, 3/20/20).

While both graphic design and visual communication offer something for the audience to look at, “visual communication is somewhat less concerned with aesthetics, in favor of the communication aspect of the discipline” ( Basically, this is the difference between seeing the Coca-Cola logo by itself on a billboard and seeing the Coca-Cola logo during a fun party scene. Same logo, but one has an enhanced message: Drink Coke and be surrounded by half-dressed people.

As I have learned, we are not living in the 1950s of advertising and business promotion. When I asked Ms. Johnson what the difference was, really, between a magazine ad and a social media ad, she was patient. Besides the expense of production, a business must also get that magazine into the hands of the population. With a social media ad, we’re generally already holding onto the means of communication (conversation, 3/2/20).

We are living in interesting times. We are learning new words and new ways in which to promote ourselves. Small businesses are realizing that, for nominal expense, they can reach more people. More importantly, they can reach a specific set of people who would be more likely to use their services (Pryor Seminar, Johnson, 2/27/20).

Bourke Accounting wants your business to prosper. Besides offering you unparalleled tax preparation and bookkeeping services, they can help you design a budget so that you’ll be able to hire your own Kreative Ink, LLC consultant. While the concept of accounting stays pretty much the same, the rules are changing for everything else – make an appointment with your Bourke Accounting specialist and join us as we walk hand-in-hand with the times.

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Written by Sue H.