When I was ten years old, my parents, being very permissive in terms of literature, handed me a copy of Stephen King’s The Stand. I found it absolutely interesting/terrifying that, because of a few wrong moves, the population of this fictional Earth was virtually decimated. Of course, this book focused on supernatural concepts of good vs. evil, but the main storyline was that “the government” created a superbug that took out almost everyone in the world. Cheerful summer reading for a 5th grader, to be sure.

However, thanks to reading this book (and the fatalistic pals I’ve met in the intervening years), I am not scared of the current coronavirus outbreak. Should I be? Meh.

First, what is a coronavirus? Quick answer is that “coronaviruses are a family of hundreds of viruses that can cause fever [and] respiratory problems” (Wired.com). Coronaviruses also come from animals. Considering our coronavirus (Covid-19), “many of those initially infected either worked or frequently shopped in the Huanan seafood wholesale market” (TheGuardian.com). In addition, our current nasty little buddy is “the third in the past three decades to jump from animals to humans” (Wired.com).

I am not downplaying the seriousness of this situation. While numbers change constantly, The Week reported that more than 75,200 people have been infected and 2,006 people have passed away (Vol. 20, Issue 964). Obviously, these are upsetting numbers. What’s even more disturbing are the ridiculous “cures” being promoted on the internet. For example, The Daily Beast reports that some folks are suggesting that consuming cow poop will treat corona. That doesn’t sound right. The Daily Beast also mentions that some are pushing the need to stay away from dogs (as they believe dogs are carriers), gargling salt water and spraying alcohol on your head.

Perhaps the most dangerous remedy comes from America: drinking bleach. There’s a group out there that is encouraging the use of a bleach mixture called “Miracle Mineral Solution” that is meant to cure common colds, HIV and, now, the coronavirus (Thedailybeast.com). It’s bleach, guys, so, no. Don’t do this. Don’t drink bleach. Just…just don’t.

Of course, we should have a healthy fear of new viruses. We don’t know what they do, where they’re going, etc. However, I don’t feel the need to spend that much time stressing over corona. Healthline.com tells us that “if you’re in the US, the odds of getting the virus are almost zero.” I like those odds. Also, as a friend who walked away from 7 significant car wrecks told me: when it’s your time, it’s your time.

Obviously, I’m not saying that you should go lick an airport sink. Certain precautions right now wouldn’t be a bad idea: don’t travel out of the country if you don’t have to, wash your hands, get enough rest. Things we should be doing anyway, in other words. However, we shouldn’t make ourselves crazy until there’s enough evidence that tells us that we should make ourselves crazy.  I don’t think we’re living The Stand just yet.

Bourke Accounting professionals won’t advise you to eat cow poop. Your head will not be sprayed with anything when you meet with your Bourke Accounting tax preparer or bookkeeper. Your Bourke Accounting specialist will offer you coffee (maybe Red Bull, if you’re nice to Bill), but we don’t supply bleach. Worry about the things you have control over, like your finances. And face it, if you have a Bourke Accounting expert across the table from you, you won’t even have to worry about that.

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Written by Sue H.