We all know about The Five-Second Rule. You drop a cookie on the floor, look around, pick it up (maybe blow on it) and eat it. If someone else is in the room, you shout: Five-Second Rule! Generally, the other person shrugs and concedes. I mean, come on. Five-Second Rule.

The Five-Second Rule doesn’t apply solely to dropped food, though. For example, after I interviewed at Bourke Accounting, Bill sent me an email offering me a job. It only took five seconds for me to decide: Yes, a job would be very nice right now. In that small timeframe, I started down an unexplored path that is turning out to be very pleasant.

Think about every substantial thing that has occurred in your life. I am willing to bet that the biggest changes happened within five seconds. Let’s say your significant other broke up with you after many years. To be fair, you knew things hadn’t been going well: arguments over money, snide comments, what have you. The break-up conversation lasted for hours, but the important part was that tiny little bit of time when s/he sadly said, “This isn’t working” and your life was drastically altered.

Yes, yes, that was depressing (I’m sorry), but it works the other way, too: you’ve been trying for a long time to have a baby. After almost giving up, your partner presents you with a card that says: Hi, Daddy. In the time it took to read that, everything is different. While you’re hugging and kissing and randomly thinking of names, you think to yourself: I wasn’t doing this five seconds ago…

Since our regular lives are very fragile, it’s important to realize just how much can change within an instant. This is an especially crucial fact to remember while driving. We’ve all seen the commercials advising against texting and driving, yet we still do it. While not intentionally trying to hurt anyone, each time we look down to respond, “See you soon, LOL,” we’re putting others at risk. Everyone who has ever been in an accident can attest to the fact that it was over before they even knew it began. So, please, when you get in the car: seatbelt on, phone off and hands at 10 and 2.

The Five-Second Rule is also in operation when dealing with people outside of cars. If someone is seriously rude to you, more than a few options quickly pop into your head regarding how to proceed. In a heartbeat, and if you choose poorly, your day can go from mildly annoying to devastatingly bad. If your choice is not to walk away, you get to participate in an immature name-calling match. If your choice is even worse than that, you get to spend the night in jail. Always be aware that your peaceful life can become chaotic if you let your baser instincts take control for even a little while.

Besides watching how you drive and deciding not to slap the discourteous clerk, other choices will have a huge impact, as well. When it’s time to seek a tax preparer or bookkeeper, Google will help you find names. And you may even have good luck with them. However, if you want a decision to really change your life for the better, and with no hassle, your only option is a Bourke Accounting professional. Not only will Bourke Accounting specialists listen to your concerns, they will offer solid advice for any situation you could possibly be in. Teaming up with a Bourke Accounting pro will give you the best results of your financial life. And you don’t even have to yell “Five-Second Rule!” if you drop a cookie. Bourke Accounting experts understand you and the Five-Second Rule.

Come see us any time. Our number is 502-451-8773 and don’t forget to visit our website at www.bourkeaccounting.com. See you soon!

Written by Sue H.