Oh, my gosh! You must be an EMT, rushing to a life and death rescue where every second counts! You are so noble and brave!

Hold on. You’re not an EMT, rushing to a life and death rescue where every second counts? Then, kindly explain to me, why, on my way to Bourke Accounting this morning, you cut me off (even though no one was behind me), almost hit a school bus and ran a VERY red light. All while driving 65 in a 35. It’s okay, take your time answering. I’ll wait.

We all know the dangers of drinking and driving. We know that texting and driving causes accidents. At this point, we’re also aware that we shouldn’t eat, apply make-up or get into heated telephone arguments with the ex while piloting a 4,000-pound machine. However, there are many more things we can do (or avoid doing) to make the roads happier and safer places.

For example, the last time it snowed, I cleaned off my car. Front, back, roof, the works. Do you know who didn’t? The guy in front of me. Driving down the road, all of the snow on his roof flew off in chunks and landed on my windshield. This was vaguely dangerous, but more importantly, it was irritating. It isn’t enough to clear your windshield; drivers have to be cognizant that what is now on the roof will soon be in the face of the guy behind (this includes forgotten Starbucks coffee cups, children, laptops, etc.).

Giving in to road rage is another way to decrease your chances of making it to your destination unscathed. According to Thezebra.com, “in 2006, only 80 fatal crashes were related to road rage.” By 2015, that number reached 467. In addition, weapon-involved road rage incidents are on the rise, as well. Are we losing our happy thoughts? Before you go off the deep end, remember that it isn’t worth it. If you want to get to work on time, ramming the slow-moving driver in front of you will not advance your cause.

Finally, you are not that important today. This is not to say that you aren’t a peachy keen, attractive person with many cool attributes – you know you are. However, when you get behind that wheel, know that everyone else is just as important as you are. Let people merge into traffic, let someone turn in front of you, don’t tailgate. Also, leave the obscene hand gestures out. Sure, it might make you feel better in the moment, but come on! We’re (presumably) all adults here and shooting that familiar finger signal is rather like flailing around in the middle of a Toys R’ Us aisle because Mom won’t buy you a Tickle Me Elmo.

Bourke Accounting wants you to arrive at your appointment in good physical and mental health. Bourke Accounting doesn’t want you holding your car together with Bondo and duct tape because of bad drivers (or because of your own naughty driving habits). When you sit down with your Bourke Accounting expert, you should be able to focus on your financial present and future, not on the erratic driver who almost ended you. Let Bourke Accounting provide you with quality service and be sure to follow Sue’s Super Spectacular Driving Tips for a peaceful and safe driving life.

Drive carefully and come see us any time. Our number is 502-451-8773 and don’t forget to visit our website at www.bourkeaccounting.com. See you soon!

Written by Sue H.