A few nights ago, as part of Bourke Accounting’s bimonthly seminar program, we hosted Marianna Perry, proprietor of AEDs & Safety Services, LLC. Generally, when we think of safety in the workplace and defibrillators, we don’t get real excited (unless there’s an investigation being conducted by a governmental agency). However, Ms. Perry changed that for her gathered audience.

Ms. Perry is a very well-appointed, impressive woman. When she walked in, I figured her to be some sort of ex-special forces branch of the military. She was extremely charming, but I had the suspicion that she knew how to break bones that I didn’t even know I possessed.

As it turns out, I was almost correct: Ms. Perry is a former police officer. Let me rephrase: Ms. Perry was part of the “Narcotics and Organized Crime [unit] for 6 years assigned to the Special Investigations East Division of the KSP and then General Investigations assigned to a KSP post for a year and a half” (Personal correspondence, 1/23/20). Yes, she was an undercover narcotics officer. When asked why she left the force, she cited the fact that she had two young children. “There was a .38 in the diaper bag,” Ms. Perry said and went on to say that that was no way to raise kids.

In addition, Ms. Perry was an EMT, holds a Master’s degree, is a Certified Protection Professional and a Certified Protection Officer Instructor. Yeah, all that and two kids.

Ms. Perry has been associated with AEDs & Safety Services, LLC for about 2 and half years. So, what do they do? The short answer is that AEDs & Safety Services, LLC “is a locally-owned, small business that specializes in helping you save lives” (AEDssafetyservices.com). A more specific answer is that they “teach CPR/AED and First Aid classes and sell Cardiac Science AEDs…[and] First Aid Cabinets and First Aid Supplies” at reasonable prices.

In case you aren’t aware, an “AED” is a “automated external defibrillator.” You’ve seen these on doctor shows where a patient suffers a cardiac arrest, the doctor holds paddles, says “Clear!”, the patient jerks, opens his eyes and says “Thanks.” However, technology has come a long way since then. Ms. Perry demonstrated using a Cardiac Science G3 AED on her CPR-AED training manikin, Chuck (I named him). This gadget is impressive. As soon as you open the case, an authoritative voice advises to “Keep calm.” It then instructs, step by step, exactly what to do. Chuck didn’t jump and jive when the G3 hit him with the juice, though. We now have a gentler AED! Perry stressed the importance of having an AED on hand at the workplace, as heart disease kills more than all types of cancer combined (1/23/20 Perry presentation). She also strongly emphasized that, during an episode like this, every second counts.

Do you want to protect your workers? Give Ms. Perry a call at 502-693-2421 and ask for a demonstration. AEDs & Safety Services LLC supplies information and products to residential customers as well as commercial locations. I can’t tell you enough how much we enjoyed Ms. Perry discussing her passion.

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Written by Sue H.