My dad is an accountant, but he’s a good artist.

Bill is an accountant, but he’s a good writer.

Tim is an accountant, but he’s also a philosopher.

I have just mentioned three artists who have become accountants. But. Did you know there are a lot of trained accountants out there who have become artists?

When most of us think of accountants, we think of a slight man, with a haggard expression, hiding behind a mountain of files beneath poor lighting. Wouldn’t it be kind of strange if it was Mick Jagger hiding behind that mountain of files?

If not for fate, that’s exactly the accountant you would encounter this year when filing your tax return.

Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, Janet Jackson and even Kenny G. studied accounting. If the enticement of rock and roll hadn’t lured these would-be accountants away, the musical landscape would now be a very different place.

Accountancy’s loss is popular artistry’s gain, one could say. One could question if there is a connection between the mind of an accountant and success. I would hazard a guess that the answer is an unqualified “yes.” According to, Kenny G. “credits his accounting degree with helping him manage his finances early on in his career.” It doesn’t matter if you like Kenny G. or not, the man speaks the truth; reported that Kenny G.’s most recent net wealth stood at 50 million dollars. I don’t believe that amount of money came about just because of his smooth, elevator music-style contemporary jazz.

Although I am a huge Stones fan, I wonder what sort of changes in accountancy we would be experiencing right now if, instead of “Paint it Black,” we had Mick writing letters to the IRS on our behalf. Just imagine Mick walking into a meeting with an IRS auditor. I’m having fun picturing it and – if you try – so will you.

Much to the detriment of the arts, Bourke Accounting keeps Tim and Bill occupied. I apologize, but we aren’t letting them go. So, if you want an accountant with the heart of a poet, the passion of a 1980s hair band and the intellect of Plato, you should really come on over and meet our accounting artisans. Tim and Bill aren’t the only virtuosos Bourke Accounting has to offer, though! Our bookkeepers are not only the best in the business, but they give Tim and Bill a run for their artistic money (you should see the wreaths these people made for their office doors this holiday season!).

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Written by Sue H.