Being a New York City transplant, I was a bit skeptical about what sort of dining experiences could be had in Louisville, Kentucky. Without knowing much about the place, I (with my snarky NYC attitude) decided that I would probably starve without sympathetic pals sending me palatable supplies from home.

I can admit when I’m wrong and I take back every word. Louisville offers some of the most amazing restaurants that I have ever had the pleasure to frequent. According to, there are 202 restaurants in St. Matthews alone and 2,362 in the surrounding areas. If you can’t find something insanely great to eat in Louisville, you’re not trying.

So, in no particular order, here are three places that I just can’t live without in my new hometown:

1) Asahi Japanese Restaurant. Located in St. Matthews, this place offers fairly traditional Japanese food. Every entrée comes with miso soup and a really fresh salad with ginger dressing (this is the only dressing I eat). I don’t like sushi, but I’m told by people who do, that it’s incredible. I order the Shrimp Yakisoba with a hot sake. On Tuesdays, you can generally get two for one big bottles of the rice wine. However, if you’re not used to sake, you’d better start with a small.

2) Silvio’s Italian Restaurant. Located in a strip mall, this unassuming place has fed me the best Italian food since my grandma. Reasonably priced and offering huge portions, Silvio’s makes you believe that you’ll never have to eat again. The calamari appetizer is light and perfect, the fettucine alfredo is the best you’ll have and don’t forget to take some cannoli home for later. It’s also neat that the chef/owner Bill Silvio Melillo walks around the tables to shake hands. However, make sure you make a reservation. The place is tiny and popular.

3) The Irish Rover. Located on Frankfort Avenue and surrounded by exotic little stores, this place is perfect for a cold winter day. After holiday shopping, stop in for a Guinness (expertly poured) and the Cordon Bleu Fritters. If you’re still hungry after that, I suggest the Fish and Chips or Pub Burger. However, don’t fall for the server’s temptation of Bailey’s Cheesecake or else you won’t be able to walk out of there without some help.

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Written by Sue H.