Being healthy is not just about eating right and getting enough exercise.

Sometimes, there are weird little invisible things that we need to think about, too.

Although we’ve been told that we swallow spiders while sleeping, that’s actually not quite true. It seems that we worry about very exotic things, when the important things are a bit more ordinary.

For example, did you ever stop to think about your coffee cup in the office break room?

Fun Fact: there is a very, very likely chance that you are ingesting bacteria, viruses and – sorry – fecal matter every time you take that little coffee break at work.

Dr. Charles Gerba (University of Arizona professor) did a study back in 1997 regarding office break room rags and sponges. According to, he found that “coliform bacteria were present on 20 percent of the coffee cups before and 100 percent of the coffee cups after wiping with a dishcloth or sponge.” Not only that, but, stated in the New York Post, “research has shown [that] 20 percent of those cups actually carry fecal matter.”

Oh, ew.

So, there you are, dutifully washing out your mug with soap, hot water…and that sponge that’s been sitting in the office break room sink for the last couple of weeks.

Julie spilled coffee on the counter and used the sponge to wipe it up. Steve used the sponge to clean up the microwave after his burrito had a meltdown. Mark used the sponge to get mud off his coat after his dog jumped on him during lunch.

That’s the sponge that you are happily sloshing around your favorite Kentucky Derby mug.

This isn’t your house. You have no idea what happens to this sponge when you leave the break room. You have no concept of the horrors that this poor break room sponge has seen.

But all is not lost! posted a study from the University of Florida that proved that microwaving for 2 minutes will kill “99 percent of pathogens” in your sponge (that includes the fecal matter). Of course, replacing your sponge often will help, too. Finally, why don’t you just bring your mug home and wash it with a trusted sponge and dry it with a trusted dish towel?

It goes without saying that the Bourke Accounting offices are clean. Moreover, Bill and Tim insist on switching out the break room sponge once a week (they’ve seen the studies). In uncertain financial times, it’s nice to know that your Bourke Accounting representative will offer Earl Grey minus the E.Coli. Why don’t you come to our pristine office, sip an uncontaminated coffee or tea and see all the things that Bourke Accounting can do for you, your family and your economic future?

Come see us any time. Our number is 502-451-8773 and don’t forget to visit our website at See you soon!

Written by Sue H.