There are a lot of things to worry about in this world: war, pollution, Social Security sustainability. Even closer to home, you get to worry if your kid is going to get into the school of her dreams, if your son will get his heart broken, even if you be able to retire before you turn 90. Yup. Lots of things to worry about.

So, here are 3 things you should ban from your Worry Plate:

1) Your armpits are fine. There is nothing wrong with your armpits. There are quite a few products out there that promise to lighten dark armpits and make your armpits kissably soft. These products also hint that your underarms aren’t as smooth as they ought to be. Armpits are kind of gross. They are dark and sweaty places. However, humans have sweaty armpits for a reason. reaffirms that “sweating is your body’s natural way of keeping cool.” Unless you have an oozing rash under your arms, you are okay. Don’t be mean to your pits.

2) Your eyelashes are fine. There is nothing wrong with your eyelashes. Many products on the market tell you that your eyelashes aren’t as lush as they should be. Who judges eyelash lushness? Also, neat side effects for a lot of these offerings are blurred vision, eye irritation, redness, and (in one, unsubstantiated, case) a permanent blind spot in the center of the eye. If you care that much about your eyelashes, there are a number of safe and easy to use false eyelash sets with non-side effect causing fixatives. Still, and I’m just saying, your eyelashes are okay.

3) That extra 20 pounds are fine. Losing weight means sacrifice. If your diet pill tells you that you don’t have to change even one of your bad habits to lose weight, you might want to re-think using the product. We all know the healthy ways to lose weight: exercise and a good diet. If a company proclaims that your problems can be solved by swallowing a single pill, that company is lying to you. Or worse. You could become an unwitting speed freak or, and this is a thing, a victim of a biological diet aid. This, known as “The Tapeworm Diet,” is still practiced by some with strong stomachs. reports, perhaps obviously, that “you cannot get these pills from a reputable medical professional. The FDA [has] banned these pills.” Seriously, one swallows a tapeworm egg and waits for the “results.”

You are all right. You might not be perfect, but you are all right. Don’t do weird things to fight imperfections that just aren’t there for the rest of the world to notice.

I don’t know what the armpits of Bourke Accounting associates look like. I haven’t noted their eyelashes, either. I do know that Bourke Accounting experts want you to be healthy and happy – physically, mentally and financially. Bourke Accounting can’t solve all of your problems, but at least they can help to solve your monetary issues.

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