Did you go to summer camp? Did you ever make a leather keyring for a parent with illegible initials burned into it? Did you receive a friendship bracelet that fell apart before you could remember the name of the person who made it for you? What about making ashtrays for people who didn’t smoke?

No? Read on, please.

As adults, we sometimes forget what made us so cool as little kids: a sense of adventure, a welcoming spirit, peeing in the woods. We have become so focused on the mundane that we have forgotten the beauty of the wind against butt cheeks in the silence of dawn.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you don’t remember (or have never experienced these things) let me introduce you to the, adult only, summer camp, Camp Bonfire.

Camp Bonfire was first brought to my attention by a little magazine called Mel – Your Bathroom Reader, put out by Dollarshaveclub.com (oddly enough, it was in a public bathroom that I saw this). This camp is for adults who want to get away from it all in a loosely structured environment. According to their website at Campbonfire.com, the main premise of their existence is simple: We’re not here to fix you, cleanse you or launch you. We think you’re fantastic just the way you are. We’re here to be at summer camp, a place to relax, have adventures and connect.

What can one expect from an adult summer camp? Benjamin Camp, camp director/counselor, said “We wanted that traditional summer feel…the activities we have are pretty similar to what you’d find at a kid’s camp.” The man isn’t lying. They offer poetry, boating, archery, a talent show, even.

Of course, there are rules that are clearly defined on their website. Stripped down, the rules pretty much say: Don’t be a jerk. They provide alcoholic beverages at night, but direct those who would like to spend the weekend wasted to find another spot. Also, Camp Bonfire will not tolerate discrimination of any sort. They invite quite a diverse clientele and will not abide anyone treating other campers unkindly.

Oh, and don’t do drugs. According to the website: Your counselors want to play kickball…not feed you orange slices and wait for you to come down. See?! This is seriously summer camp for folks with their big girl/boy pants on!

I want to go and I think you should, too. A weekend spent in the Poconos wilderness with mellow folks looking for peace? Stop me when I’m wrong, but this sounds wonderful.

Bourke Accounting Clients, here is your mission: when you come in this year for your bookkeeping, financial and tax preparing needs, convince your Bourke Accounting associate that Camp Bonfire would make the perfect team/client building getaway. How can you really trust someone to do your taxes if you can’t trust them to help you build a kite?

Remind your Bourke Accounting expert that tax season just isn’t tax season without a skinned knee and a trust fall!

Come see us any time. Our number is 502-451-8773 and don’t forget to visit our website at www.bourkeaccounting.com. See you soon (hopefully at Camp Bonfire)!