You’re not going to die this minute (I don’t think), but you are going to die at some point.

Now that we have that uncomfortable fact out of the way, I have an uncomfortable question: do your loved ones know what your final wishes are? Do they know what you want done with your earthly remains?

I started thinking about this yesterday after a conversation with Bourke Accounting’s Tim (hi, Tim!). He mentioned that offers burial plots for sale. What? I don’t know why this surprised me. sells “haunted” dolls and people have been selling their toenail clippings, so it just makes sense that one could purchase a gravesite on Craigslist.

We all know that we should have a Last Will and Testament. Even if you’re not Bill Gates, you don’t want your children fighting over sentimental objects. You wouldn’t want family at each other’s throats because you neglected to assign who gets that 1950s Mickey Mouse watch. They are going to be sad enough without battling each other.

Assuming that you have the materialistic angle figured out, what about your actual body? My mother wants to be cremated. My dad, a pragmatic man, says, “what do I care what you do with me? I won’t be at the funeral.” However, many people have strong feelings about what will be, effectively, their last statement on this Earth.

For religious reasons, some people don’t want to be cremated. For claustrophobia-related reasons, some people don’t want to be buried. I know a guy who wants to be left in the wilderness to be allowed to ah…return to nature.

Just like directing who gets Grandma’s silverware, it’s important to let your loved ones know what you would like to happen. It wouldn’t hurt to go on Craigslist and buy that plot. To have definitive funeral arrangements already in place will take a lot of pressure off your friends and family.

This is a very hard discussion to have with family. But just like most very hard discussions, this one will benefit everyone involved. They will know your last wishes and you’ll know that you have done your best to alleviate at least some of the stress of your passing.

Like Benjamin Franklin said: Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. While Bourke Accounting can’t really help you with the legalities of death, they can certainly help you with the tax aspect. Bourke Accounting can advise you about your financial wellbeing and guide you when trying to figure out who gets what. Also, our Bourke Accounting experts might even be able to give you tips about healthy life choices that could extend your life – they’re a pretty healthy bunch.

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Written by Sue H.