There are many “Words of wisdom” out there: Don’t run with scissors.  Don’t take a bath with a toaster.  Don’t eat green chicken.  These all make a lot of sense.  In these new and interesting times, I think one really important concept is overlooked: Don’t Tattle on Yourself.  This is pretty similar to don’t air your dirty laundry in public.  Or even, to a lesser extent, ol Ben Franklin’s: Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead.  Considering the advent of social media, I think we all need a second to reflect on what we shouldn’t offer up to the world.

When social media first came out, it was fairly harmless.  People were posting about sitting in Starbucks, how they bought new shoes and, oh, look, here’s a picture of a baby!  Now, it seems that folks are being way too open about other, perhaps naughty, activities that they might be engaged in.  For example, Dr. Phil had an episode a while ago that featured a woman who lost a job at ESPN before she even started because of what was discovered on her Facebook page.  Let’s just say that what she posted did not exactly align with ESPN’s concepts.

Paradoxically, I almost didn’t get a job a few years back because I had (and still have) no presence on social media.  Seriously, my prospective employer thought that I must have been hiding something, as I didn’t have a Facebook page.  I explained, no, I’m not hiding anything, I simply don’t believe last night’s dinner needs validation from strangers.  I was met with a wary and suspicious stare.

So, in such interesting times as these, I am offering three tips regarding social media:

1) DON’T post anything that you wouldn’t want your grandmother to read.  This includes how you had [redacted] with a stranger Friday, how you smoked [redacted] Saturday night, how you would like to [redacted] your neighbor with a crowbar.  Family functions are difficult enough.  Don’t make it worse.

2) DON’T post any pictures of yourself doing anything illegal, don’t talk about doing anything illegal on social media.  In 2017, reported that “50 [were] arrested after Chicago police infiltrate[ed] Facebook groups selling guns, drugs.”  One of those detained happened to be a school teacher.  This is not the only instance of arrests made because of social media.  I found around 20 articles with titles like “7 People Sent to Prison because of Social Media.”  So. Don’t do that.

3) DO have social media.  I know, right?  We can’t win here.  If you have social media, you will be judged.  If you don’t have social media, you will be judged.  Have a public page with lots of friends from your knitting circle and pictures of bunnies.  Have a private page (if you really must) about your thoughts regarding the Zombie Apocalypse.

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Written by Sue H.