I am vastly confused by popular culture.

One of my little cousins is strangely obsessed with the Korean boy band, BTS .

They are a fairly innocuous, synthesized, rather non-threatening group of dancing young men.  Naturally, the band consists of the dangerous one, the smart one and the sensitive one.  There are a few others who, I guess, couldn’t come up with identities besides bleached hair and good skin.  To my recollection, the only boy band I ever liked was The Ramones

BTS have been known to sell out 90,000 seat arenas in less than an hour.  Impressive.  And again, odd.

So my little cousin got the chance to see these guys in Chicago recently.  She showed me videos of the packed venue, filled with pre-pubescent and screaming girls.  I don’t think that Dante himself could have envisioned a more horrifying version of hell.

However, I noticed that almost all of the audience members had these weird glowing things in their hands that seemed to pulsate with the music.  It was an epileptic episode in pastel.  The proper and inexplicable name for one of these devices is a “BTS Army Bomb” and, my cousin informed me, could be procured for about $55 (she had save, with great discipline, for months in order to get one).  $55 multiplied by 90,000.  And that’s not even mentioning the insanely expensive ticket prices.


It got me wondering: do these well-dressed, orthodontically-sound young men have proper representation and advisement when it comes to their financial well-being?  I know I’m not the only one here who remembers MC Hammer and his bankruptcy.

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Written by Sue H.