Years ago, I was walking by a “hole in the wall bar” on St. Mark’s Place.  The misspelled sandwich board outside advertised David Johansen playing TOONIGHT ONLY!  What?!  David Johansen?  The New York Dolls front man, the godfather of punk, the man, briefly (and for his sins) known as Buster Poindexter?

I paid my five bucks and went inside.

He put on a good show and, after, I was able to get to the storage closest that was his dressing room.  I knocked, he allowed me entrance and all of my sycophantic utterances dried up in my mouth.  The man looked depressed.  He told me to sit and proceeded to tell me about the death of his 13 year old cat that morning.

This was not how I thought I would meet the man who has been referenced in countless books about punk, New York City and Andy Warhol.  I was taken aback that this, this deity, this over-the-top superstar, this historical figure had the same problems that I had.  We commiserated over lost pets, I drank a few shots of his peppermint schnapps and went on my way, a more enlightened person.

Naturally, this got me thinking.  Every time someone snipes at a celebrity behind a computer screen, that person is saying terrible things about a real, viable and living, human being.  Some “keyboard warriors” type things that they’d never have the audacity to say to their worst enemy in real life.

Why?  What makes us think that, simply because of one’s occupation, that person isn’t as feeling as the rest of us?  Take, for example, accountants.  Accountants go through a number of years of schooling, have to pass the Uniform CPA Examination, have to participate in continuing education and basically, be on the up and up all of the time.  Accountants have families and friends, hopes, dreams, fears, just like the rest of us.  So why would some people think it’s all right to ask their accountant to take part in sordid practices?

Number three on’s list of “3 Things to Never Ask Your Accountant” is: Never ask your accountant to bend the rules.  Ominously, the article predicts that “it will eventually come back to haunt you, and you’ll pay a heavy price for that act in the future, even if you don’t get caught.”  I’m wondering if there is a special, ethical accountant mafia out there.  Ask your accountant to launder money and you’ll wake up with the head of  Rosette The Purple Unicorn beanie baby under the 1,000 thread count in your bed?

The professionals at Bourke Accounting know what they’re doing.  They can protect you from the dark side of accounting.  However, as tax season draws near, please remember that your Bourke Accounting professional is a real person with real feelings; don’t ask them to do anything too crazy.  Rosette might be a real threat.

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