It is beginning to be that time of year when Bourke Accounting has a lot of  social functions (parties, seminars, conferences) and everyone likes to hug….or seems to at at least. And there have been some really awkward hugs…like the kiss that never worked out well. I remember once I dated this girl (in high school) and when I went to kiss her at the door (in those we days we walked our dates to the door) she pulled head back and almost broke the glass panes. Yikes, Maybe it was my breath or maybe she had never been kissed because it certainly couldn’t have been me!

But there is a way to Hug properly:

Mixed Company:

In a group with men and women, base your hugging on familiarity, not gender. If you know someone well and a hug is natural, go for it but if you’re unsure take the handshake… Also, if your indication is to hug women but give men a handshake, this kind of distinction is really noticeable.

The Upgrade:

You might find that over the course of an evening, an introductory handshake is upgraded to a hug when everyone departs, but this only happens when you’ve gotten to know each other a bit. If you’re unsure where you’re at, follow the lead of other people…or go for a handshake initially and let them upgrade you to a hug by giving you that open-arms signal.

The Art of the Bear Hug:

Finally, if you know someone wants a big ‘ol bear hug, just throw your arms around someone and give them a good squeeze. As for hugging actual bears…you really give a bear a hug, however the bear wants to be hugged. Which, when you think about it holds true for people too..

SO, next time you are at Bourke Accounting let us know which kind of hug you may want but a hand shake is great too! Come see us any time our number is 502-451-8773 and don”t forget to visit our website at See you soon!