At Bourke Accounting, we have monthly team events with our employees where we visit a client’s restaurant, fitness gym, painting store etc and have events at those locations. “Team Building” is the correct term. And at each event there is usually a contest of some sort with a prize of $50.00. This last month we met at Fante’s Coffee shop to play an afternoon of rummikube. Along with an amazing lunch at Fantes all the employees were tasked to write a blog that was “What Makes Accounting Fun.” All of them were great and will be featured in future blogs, but Aygul Serova won the prize. Here is her blog.

“Accountant job interview.

Business owner asks an accountant: “How much is 2+2?”

Accountant replies: “What would you like it to be?”

Balancing and playing with numbers is not easy, but there is no better feeling as when you balance comes out right! I don’t know of any job to be more interesting than accounting – it’s almost like a gambling game with the law. You need to be smart, careful and attentive to the details.

When I was in college studying accounting, it was hard to understand what means what. Teachers only give you theory and you must learn it, but only during practice you will see how double entry works. This is when you will see debits and credits, assets and liabilities, the cause and effect! Once you understand how double entry works and all the classes I took click in my mind…you really became an accountant.

Not everybody, however, can be an accountant. If a person doesn’t have passion for numbers , they will suffer… Most people think it is boring, but it’s only because they don’t know how the balance sheet works, how the money flows, how they can save money by spending it! To be an accountant you truly have to love what you are doing!

But the most important (and fun) thing is the information you produce. This information shows the the business owners how cost-effective and profitable their business is and can advise them on how to increase revenue or lower costs. Accountants help companies grow and improves their clients financial lives, SO IF YOU DON’T HAVE ONE – CHOOSE BOURKE ACCOUNTING!

The people that judged the various blogs loved the 2+2 question, I loved the fact that I have an employee that truly has a passion for numbers. All of our employees do, simply because that is all we do here at Bourke Accounting…help with your numbers to create a financial life that works for you. Come by and see us, as we can be your one stop financial destination.