Never heard  of a “shower beer?” A quick online search will show you just how passionately some people feel about hitting the showers with a can of their favorite adult soda. Or you could just try one for yourself – we’ll wait.

There, wasn’t that great? Now, let’s dig into the science of why drinking a frosty beverage in a piping hot shower makes you feel so good.

It’s all to do with something called “thermic alliesthesia.” All physiological processes within the body are regulated so that the organism stays within a range that’s optimal for physiological function, i.e.”homeostasis.” In terms of body-temperature regulation, our body adjusts its internal temperature so that this is maintained within a certain range (around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

Whenever we do something that shifts us out of that range-warming up in a hot shower, in this case-our body starts working its inner temperature back to normal. In essence , your cold beer is seen by your brain as a useful stimulus that could help bring its temperature to the range it likes to be within. Both hot shows and cold beer cause the release of the brain’s pleasure chemical, dopamine, so when combines with the satisfying sensation of alliesthesia, the whole shower beer experience becomes utterly sublime.

Sadly, the effect is short lived, since alliesthesia only occurs while the body is trying to return to its normal state. Once you’re there, the rush is over, leaving you with nothing more than shampoo in your beer.

And why is Bourke Accounting blogging about having a beer while showering? Well, we like to think that coming to your tax preparer is similar to a beer shower. You get up and drag your self in for your yearly appointment, but once we give you that good news, or help you lessen the financial burden you thought you would have…the dopamine kicks in and you are good for another year…or until you see us again. So give us a call at 502-451-8773 and set up a time to come in and have a beer. See you soon!