Monday’s is generally the most stressful day at a tax & accounting firm. Bourke’s founder, Tim, always says all kinds of shit happens on Mondays… I always laughed at that but then noticed that there were more phone calls, more mail and the computers were always “Monday slow.” But what I always do, “when all kinds of shit happens”  is dream about the future (after winning the lottery) and I’ve bought my luxury RV and on the road…seeing America.

One day I found some great tips about RV living and thought I’d share… for those of you in the middle of Monday dreaming, like me as my computer program is in the midst of a major update (yes on Monday morning), enjoy….

Work Out the Math: Like living in a house, RVing can be done cheaply or extravagantly. The main cost are the payments on the RV, fees at campgrounds, fuel, food, vehicle and health insurance, and RV maintenance (because things will break).

Do Your Homework: Choose your RV wisely! Things like tank size, layout, length, insulation, build quality and storage capacity will impact your life significantly.

Find a Stationary Friend: If you want your mail forwarded, you’d better arrange that in advance. When you need a package have it sent to the local post office. You can have your regular mail sent to family or a friend and they can forwarded it to you on the road every few months or so.

Become Mr. Fix-It: To live on the road means being pretty handy. It is crucial to be patient, self-reliant and hands on; knowing how your rig works and how to maintain it will keep you on the road instead of in the repair shop.

Don’t Road Rage: While it is wise NOT to get violent with a 3.5 ton vehicle, it’s probably just as important to be sure you and your mate aren’t the type to argue too much. Full-time RVing probably isn’t ideal for couples who fight often, since it forces you to be together nearly all of the time. Though the space is confined, there are separate spaces with a door in case you need your space; though I’m told it’s really no different than being mad at each other in a house.

Have the Right Mindset: RV life has a large learning curve: you can’t anticipate everything; you just have to trust that once you hit the road, you will tackle the challenges as they come up.

So my program has finally rebooted and my day dreaming time is up (for now). At Bourke Accounting we want to help you achieve your dreams, even on a Monday. We can help you with all things financial. Give us a call at 502-451-8773 or stop by for a visit. See you soon!