At Bourke Accounting we find that to be a good accountant you have to be a good listener…and listen we do during tax time and our monthly bookkeeping meetings with clients. Most clients like to talk about more than just tax, so we find we must know much about everything. One of our clients is a programmer for a dating app and I asked him what he has learned. Here is the scoop in a nutshell….

  • Women are more thorough than men

Women tend to spend more time examining a guy’s profile -they care about what you studied, what your hobbies are, they actually read the descriptions. ¬†Guys just look for women who they find attractive. They started putting more effort into their profile as they thought these things actually didn’t matter, but they do.

  • Love is basically a math problem

When you start to work on it and see the data, you realize how statistical love is. There is no one true love: you could end up with this person versus that person , but it doesn’t mean that other combinations wouldn’t have been compatible too – it’s just a numbers game.

  • Most people don’t really know what they want

A user might say they want someone who does yoga and is 5-foot-5. But based on the data the programmer sees, a lot of these specifics don’t translate to connections. Some of the things people look for are just pulled out of thin air – maybe they like yoga and had an ex that was 5-foot-5. These things are hardly ever make-or-break when it comes to making a connection.

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