My favorite thing as a kid was watching the Olympics (whether it was Summer or Winter); my bothers and sisters and my Dad would gather around our small bulky TV and yelled with joy as the various sports were played out. We’d even bet on the outcome. My brother was a research fanatic and he would treat the Olympics like a horse race and pull up statistics on how often a skater would have fallen or a skier had crashed, and bet accordingly. Our Mom would allow us to stay up late or even miss school if our Olympic watching interfered with school. LOL

Today, now that I am an adult, we¬† have a party for the opening and closing ceremonies supply friends and family with pizza and beer…. but since my brother lives out of town we don’t do the betting anymore.

There are a bunch of new events which is exciting. For the first time, Olympians will compete in mass-start speed skating, in which as as many as 24 skaters race simultaneously; mixes-doubles curling; mixed-team Alpine sking; and big air snowboarding, wherein competitors launch themselves off a 160-foot high ramp, the largest of its kind in the world.

All in all there will be 102 events across 5 sports, including bobsledding, figure skating, luge, and ski jumping. Another first this year: NBC, the official U.S. broadcaster of the Games, will feature live coverage of events during U.S. prime time across all time zones. Pyeonchang is 14 hours ahead of the East Coast and 7 hours ahead of West Coast, which means far fewer events on tape delay in which medal winners are already known.

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