I love to travel and subscribe to many travel magazines and news letters; I even read travel books like a restaurant menu (voraciously)! I thought it would be nice to break up some tax blogs by blogging over a few travel updates.

  • United Airlines changes policy on comfort animals after peacock incident: United Airlines wants to see more paperwork before passengers fly with emotional-support animals – and don’t even try to bring a peacock on board. The airline announced last week that it will tighten rules starting March 1, 2018. United said owners will have to confirm that their animal is trained to behave in public, and they will need a vaccination form signed by a veterinarian. The vet will have to vouch that the animal isn’t a health or safety threat to other people.
  • Chris Hemsworth really, really wants you to visit Australia: Chris isn’t the only successful Aussie in Hollywood (Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Margot Robbie – the list goes on). But he just might be the proudest. The start of “Thor” is the official celeb ambassador for Tourism, Australia, and he’s more than just an award-winning handsome face when it comes to repping travel to his home country. During Super Bowl LII, as the Patriots and the Eagles battled for victory, a “Crocodile Dundee”-themed commercial for Australia starring Hemsworth and American Actor Danny McBride became the first-ever tourism spot to air during the big game.
  • AAA¬† names its newest Five Diamond Hotels: Eight hotels made it to AAA’s new list of Five Diamond Hotels. A total of 121 hotels have earned the prestigious status. As more mid-scale and even budget properties are adding amenities for comfort and convenience, hotels that aim for a Five Diamond Rating must stay far ahead of the curve to differentiate themselves through advanced design concepts, highest quality furnishings and scrupulous attention to guest’s expectations.
  • TSA Expands PreCheck to Five New Airlines: The Transportation Administration (TSA) announced that five new airlines will be added to the list of approved PreCheck carriers. The new airlines are Air France, Brussels Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Philippine Airlines, and World Atlantic. With the additions, TSA has now approved 47 total carriers for its PreCheck program.

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