A group of grocery store employees teamed up for a very special delivery over the holidays – helping a customer give birth when she unexpectedly went into labor at their Fresno, California shop. After hearing the customer cry out in pain, two workers got down on the floor with the pregnant woman to help deliver her child. The butcher caught the baby in his apron, while the store owner cut the umbilical cord from around the baby’s neck. They said it happened in seconds and it was an example of total teamwork.

When an 8-year-old boy fell into a frozen pond, a Utah police officer dove right in to save him. The police officer was the first to arrive on the scene after the boy plunged into the freezing water. The officer was a trained rescue driver and wasted no time using his own body weight to break through the ice. Once in, he waded in frigid water up to his neck until he felt the boy and pulled him out. The officer didn’t think twice as he had made the decision to go in and get the boy. The boy spent several days recovering in the hospital and is now back home.

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