It is the first day back from our holiday and a New Year! But instead of jumping right into tax talk, I thought we can have some blogging fun. SO, Did You Know…

Dog Vision: Scientist think that dog vision in a similar way as a person who has red-green color blindness. Also, dogs can see better than people when the lighting is dim.

Bug Cloud: Albuquerque, New Mexico (US), experienced an invasion of locusts a few years ago. The clouds of the pests were so thick that they could be seen on the radar of the National Weather Service.

Dangerous Angel: While many poisonous mushrooms simply cause a brief sickness, that’s not the case for Amanita virosa, know as “destroying angel.” Found in forests and even lawns, ingesting even half the mushroom’s cap is fatal to adult humans.

Fatty Fruit: The only fruit containing fat (monounsaturated) is the avocado. Native to Mexico and South America, they are sometimes called alligator pears. Avocados ripen after they are picked.

Sandy Place: Fraser Island, off the coast of Queensland near Brisbane, Australia, is dubbed as the world’s largest sand island. The sand has been collecting on this 123-kilometer (76-mile) stretch of land for more than 700,000 years.

Big Jump: When Englishman Verdun Hayes became a centenarian, he decided to have a little fun, so he jumped out of an airplane. He was attached to a parachute, of course, and had an experienced skydiver with him as a tandem jumper. The 15,000 foot jump took place near Devon, England. Hayes is a World War II, D-Day Veteran who likes to support other vets, so he used the jump to raise money for the Royal British Legion. Three generations of his family jumped for the same cause.

Pony Racer: A cycling race called Tour of Poland had more than just two-wheeled participants in its 2017 edition. it seems that a pony, which escaped from its nearby home, joined the cyclists during the sixth segment of the race. The frisky animal galloped alongside the racers for about a minute. At that point, Roman Maikin, a racer from Russia, managed to steer the pony to the side of the road. The Tour of Poland got its start in 1928 and covers about 1,200 kilometers (746 miles).

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