Yes I know this is a late Christmas blog, but I felt since we are a Tax & Bookkeeping Service that my focus should be on the current tax changes….BUT since it is Christmas I felt I would do a fun blog about buying gifts for your partner at various relationship stages. Happy Holidays!

  • When you’ve been together say 2 months… Chances are you are probably still putting your best foot forward after two months, so you want to get something thoughtful, but not go too far. You could always consider getting them a $100 gift certificate for a spa day or massage. hmmm
  • When you’ve been together say 2 years… If you haven’t already bought them a ring, now may be the time. Otherwise, think about their passions and support them in some way. That could mean getting them something educational like a one-on-one with a personal organizer or guitar lessons if they’re a musician, hmmm
  • When you’ve been together say 10 years… You’ve exchanged may gifts by now, but romance never gets old. Try buying tickets to see a band you both connected on early in your relationship, like the singer who was playing on the radio when you shared your first kiss. It’s nostalgic, romantic and really thoughtful. hmmm
  • When you’ve been together say 40 years… What is your partner’s lifelong dream,? Make that dream a reality. Whether it’s a month long trip to Thailand, a few weeks at a villa in Italy or running with the bulls, help your partner cross something off their bucket list. they deserve it. hmmm

There you have it…at Bourke Accounting we are always available to give our opinion on pretty much an subject. We wish you all holiday happiness all year round. Come see us soon!